Entry-Level Surface Go 2 Review: This is WAY better than you think!

Entry-Level Surface Go 2 Review: This is WAY better than you think!

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Alright, let's be real. The entry-level Surface Go 2 is way better than you think it is. And this review is here to show you why.

Today I'm going to be reviewing the entry-level Microsoft Surface Go 2 with the Intel Pentium Gold 4425Y, 4 GB of RAM, and the 64 GB eMMC drive. These components sound super weak and unappealing at first... but, unlike the first-generation Surface Go from 2018, Microsoft actually made their hardware choices work very well this year.

My intro is really long, haha. Sorry about that! Actual review starts at 2:00. The CPU part at 9:31 is the longest section of this whole review, so prepare yourself. Little details make a big difference.


Video Navigation

• 0:08 Introduction
• 0:45 Introduction: Leading Thoughts
• 0:56 Introduction: Recap of the 2018 Surface Go Experience
• 1:45 Introduction: Thesis Statement

• 2:00 Display
• 3:36 Bezels

• 4:48 Surface Go 2 Accessories
• 6:04 Surface Go Type Cover: Keyboard
• 6:28 Surface Go Type Cover: Trackpad
• 7:14 Surface Go Type Cover: Better on the Surface Go 2

• 8:15 Build Quality
• 8:28 Ports

• 9:31 CPU
• 9:55 CPU: GeekBench 5 Scores (Three-Way Benchmark)
• 10:10 CPU: GeekBench 5 Scores (2018 Surface Go vs. 2020 Surface Go 2)
• 12:52 CPU: Wait, what about that Intel Core m3 configuration?
• 13:36 CPU: Quick Rant on Microsoft's "Processors of Choice" for the Surface Go 2

• 14:38 Storage (Three-Way Benchmark)
• 15:09 Battery Life
• 16:01 Webcam Quality
• 17:09 Final Assessment


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