Mullumbimby, Northern Rivers Flood, a state of national emergency

Mullumbimby, Northern Rivers Flood, a state of national emergency

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The flood that swept through Mullumbimby Sunday night (feb 27) was a 500 year flood they say. I lay on my kitchen table on a makeshift bed and watched it silently and imperceptibly rise. That might sound horrifying to some but I got off easy compared to so many. In the hills surrounding Mullumbimby the torrential downpour cause landslides and racing waters that one woman speaks of seeing a cow and a car floating past. It's devastating ...But Mullumbimby is one hell of a town. The community pulled together like nothing I've ever seen before. A little town with a HUGE heart!!

This video is a documentation of the timeline from the night of the flood to day 10 when Morrison (finally) declares the flood and aftermath a state of national emergency. It only touches on the incredible work the volunteers have done and continue to do as they swarm around the place leaving smiles, and cleaned houses in their wake.

I have fallen in love with the people of Mullumbimby through this experience. I'm a newcomer, been here only just over a year to be near family who moved here over 20 years ago. I now see what they see. A strong and loving people.

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