What happened to America’s Telegraph lines?  How the Telegraph Transformed America  - IT'S HISTORY

What happened to America’s Telegraph lines? How the Telegraph Transformed America - IT'S HISTORY

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The American Telegraph was one of the first advancements towards the near-instant communication of today. While the telegraph found its origin in Britain, it hit its stride in the United States with Samuel Morse’s design, gaining international prestige and even a cable running across the Atlantic Ocean. Today, we’re going to delve into the history of it and see just what made the telegraph, and Morse Code, click.

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IT’S HISTORY - Weekly tales of American Urban Decay as presented by your host Ryan Socash.

0:00 - Introduction
2:14 - American Communication
3:58 - A Brief History of Telegraphy
4:58 - The First Telegraph, Morse, and Morse Code
9:14 - Implementation of the Electronic Telegraph
14:29 - The American Telegraph Industry
18:06 - The Transatlantic Telegraph Cable
22:18 - Western Union’s Monopoly
25:49 - Telegraphs in the 1900s
28:09 - Conclusion

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Scriptwriter - Gregory Back
Editor - Rishi Mittal
Host - Ryan Socash


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