ALL OF THE HOMO- Female Byleth Lesbian S Supports Fire Emblem Three Houses

Published by : Collector Togami
Edelgard Byleth S support gay
Sothis Byleth S support gay
Mercedes Byleth S support gay
Dorothea Byleth S support gay
Rhea Byleth S support gay

Compared to the guy on guy supports, gals sure got it good. You have five non platonic options, where they specifically marry you.

You have Edelgard the ice queen empress, Sothis, the dragon girl who will definitely get you in jail, Mercedes, the clumsy waifu, Dorothea, the cute oneesama type, and Rhea if you somehow support her on time and you decide to make love instead of war.

Big thanks to Raytwo for hacking the save file to unlock all supports. there will be more videos of supports coming as I film them.

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