The Black Keys - Brothers (2010) [Full Album]
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The Black Keys - Brothers (2010) [Full Album]

Published by : Dżejkob Rock Music

1. Everlasting Light 00:00
2. Next Girl 03:23
3. Tighten Up 06:40
4. Howlin’ For You 10:10
5. She’s Long Gone 13:20
6. Black Mud 16:26
7. The Only One 18:35
8. Too Afraid To Love You 23:35
9. Ten Cent Pistol 26:58
10. Sinister Kid 31:27
11. Go Getter 35:11
12. I’m Not The One 38:47
13. Unknown Brother 42:38
14. Never Gonna Give You Up 46:37
15. These Days 50:15

Bonus Disc (Recorded Live At Dan Auerbach’s Studio Akron Analogue):
16. Everlasting Light 55:23
17. Next Girl 59:33
18. Tighten Up 01:02:48
19. Howlin' For You 01:06:16
20. She’s Long Gone 01:10:08
21. Too Afraid To Love You 01:13:42

֎Dan Auerbach – vocals, guitars, bass guitar, keyboards
֎Patrick Carney – drums, percussion

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