Lumia 950 XL Review: Nope | Pocketnow

Lumia 950 XL Review: Nope | Pocketnow

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Learn more about Windows 10 Mobile! Check out our in-depth review at Pocketnow: /2015/12/04/lumia-950-review (Full description below)

Thanks to Clove for the loaner device! If you want a 950XL of your own, do what we did: visit and tell 'em Pocketnow sent you!

What do you call beautiful UI design and capable hardware marred by unfinished software? You call it a Windows 10 Mobile phone. While we had some great times to go along with the bugs on the smaller Lumia 950 a few weeks back, the same can't be said for our experience with the bigger, supposedly badder Lumia 950XL. From a broken app Store to a buggy start screen, our experience running Windows 10 Mobile .29 on this device has been nothing short of a nightmare – one that costs $649 for the privilege of experiencing. Join us for our full review.

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Lumia 950 XL Review: Nope | Pocketnow