U.S. States Portrayed By SpongeBob 2
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U.S. States Portrayed By SpongeBob 2

Published by : Alex D
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https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7JCxeVa8Gcyxr5oXYfqU5g is Pranav my gā€™s channel!!! The Sequel To The OG Is Finally Here!!! I Looked At Many Of Your Thousands Of Comments And Fixed What We All Agreed Upon (I Got U South) Last Time THE ONLY STATE I FORGOT WAS LOUISIANA, BUT I Didn't FORGET ANY THIS TIME!
If Your State Was Redone, Like Tennessee, But You See It With The Good Ones At The End, Ignore It - It's Called Lazy Editing. I do not own this content , the content is from Viacom , and i do not own any of it , all right to viacom''

Jake Eyes Clip Was Used At The Beginning, 2 Clips Also Ain't Mine, Bet U Can Guess Which 2 - 1 Like = 7 Dog Years

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