15 DIY Miniature School Supplies That Work / Mini Anti Stress School Supplies
play 15 DIY Miniature School Supplies That Work / Mini Anti Stress School Supplies

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15 DIY Miniature School Supplies That Work / Mini Anti Stress School Supplies

Published by : Troom Troom SELECT
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Large anti-stress toys are certainly cool, but they are absolutely not suitable for lessons! So what to do if you need to relax, but you are at school, and break between classes is still faraway? Of course, apply miniature anti-stress school supplies! What kind? Find out in our new video!

Supplies and tools:
• Note pads;
• Scissors;
• Water;
• Paints;
• Jars for paints;
• Tassel;
• Hair dryer;
• Felt;
• Dry glitter;
• Soft double-sided scotch tape;
• Thin plastic;
• Rhinestones;
• Glue stick;
• Hot glue gun;
• Hole puncher;
• Soft colored cardboard;
• Felt;
• Zipper;
• Wool threads;
• Feathers;
• Ballpoint pens;
• Cardboard;
• Double-sided sequins;
• Wire;
• Awl;
• Pompons;
• Jelly worms;
• Flasks;
• Box cutter;
• Varnish;
• Zip packages;
• Elmer's glue;
• Markers;
• Syringe;
• Slimes;
• Sponge;
• Pills blister;
• Scalpel;
• Water;
• Chips;
• Play foam;
• Balloons;
• Box from cartridges for razors;
• Foam rollers;
• Staples;
• Pliers;
• Toothpick;
• Magnets;
• Antistress drawings;
• Multi-colored picture;
• Cardboard covers.

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