Damascus of screws, making a blade.

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The process of forging a blade from self-tapping screws, in two ways.
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Frequently Asked Questions: The billet is soaked in kerosene. This is necessary for good welding (forging) steel. I sprinkle flux (90% borax + 5% quartz sand + 5% charcoal powder) this is necessary for forging (forge) welding. The flux is alloyed with scale - the formed substance is sufficiently fluid and is easily displaced by deformation. In addition, the flux protects against oxygen and charcoal, carburizes the surface layer of metal - which lowers the welding temperature (if in brief). The first welding is done on a tree, since the wood is a heat insulator, and not so selects temperature as an iron anvil. In addition - burning, the tree burns oxygen, protecting the workpiece and pouring the flux work. This is important for welding workpieces with small parts (cable, chain). I do not answer the question of cost - write to mail: https://sites.google.com/site/damaskshevchenko/-19
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