The REAL REASON Why Barry Sanders RETIRED Early
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The REAL REASON Why Barry Sanders RETIRED Early

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On the morning of Tuesday, July 27, 1999, Detroit Lions running back Barry Sanders was sitting at 15,269 career rushing yards.

That was just 1,457 yards behind the late great Walter Payton on the all-time rushing list. But Payton had played 13 seasons. Sanders had only played 10. No running back in the history of the NFL had accumulated more yards in a 10-year span than Barry Sanders.

The previous season Sanders had rushed for 1,491 yards. And he had just turned 31 on July 16. By all accounts, Barry still had plenty of life in his legs. All he needed was ONE MORE typical season and he’d break one of the NFL’s greatest records.

But that one more typical season never happened. And it’s not because Sanders blew out a knee, or fractured his hip.

Today we'll tell you exactly What Ever Happened to Barry Sanders.

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Host: DeQwan Young
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Writer: JP Grimaud

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