Guess who's back? - Edd China's Workshop Diaries 29

Guess who's back? - Edd China's Workshop Diaries 29

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Look who's talking!...Yes he does actually speak, after all this time in near total silence on Wheeler Dealers, the man who was always around to give me a hand does it again, to help with the de-converting of my record breaking electric ice cream van.

The final part of the diesel Sprinter based electric ice cream van project is putting it back to diesel so I can hand it back to the van body converters as they want it! It is a real shame after all this time and effort but the world's first ever all-electric ice cream van must be de-commisioned. Thankfully the legacy of the electric conversion kit for the ice cream machine will live on but if I want another pop at the Guinness World Record then I'll have to build another electric ice cream van... there's an idea!

Edd China's Workshop Diaries 29: World's Fastest Electric Ice Cream Van Part 10 (How to put a diesel engine back into a Mercedes Sprinter van).

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