Google Glass Bagel Rat - This Week in Google 547

Google Glass Bagel Rat - This Week in Google 547

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COVID-19 fallout, Android 11 Preview, and Samsung Galaxy Chromebook
This Week's Stories
--  COVID-19 fallout: IBM quits RSA, Sony quits PAX East
--  COVID-19 fallout: will this year's new game consoles be delayed?
--  COVID-19 facemasks work with Face ID
--  Samsung Galaxy Chromebook coming April 6th
--  Jeff Jarvis: "I don't have a Corvette, I have a Chromebook." Who needs a $1000+ Chromebook?
--  Android 11 Developer Beta Hands-On Preview
--  Pixel 5 Leak - Real or Fake? (hint: faaaaaaaaaake)
--  Samsung Galaxy Z Flip - worth the $$$$?
--  Beyond Foldable: TCL shows a concept with a slide-out screen
--  Samsung Galaxy Z Fold coming this summer
--  Google might start paying publishers for news
--  Wendy is mean: "Brand Twitter" normalizes Twitter trolling
--  Google falls behind in AR?
--  Google kills free Station Wi-Fi program
--  Bookbot rises from the grave! Return your library books with this Google robot
--  Mark Zuckerberg blow-dries his armpits
--  Alphabet's Makani energy kites crash
--  Reminder: if you signed up for the free Stadia Founders Edition trial, it's not free anymore
--  Stadia coming to more than just Pixel phones
--  Australian judge: leaving a bad review on Google is illegal

Hosts: Jeff Jarvis, Ant Pruitt, Jason Howell
Guest: Kevin Tofel

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