Denmark suspends vaccinations

Denmark suspends vaccinations

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Denmark is ahead of the strategy, as usual. China latest news, not good at all.


Population, 5.9 million

Cases, + 1,484

Reinfections, 128

Hospitalised, 733

ICU, 13

Ventilated, 4

Deaths, 4

Over 12, 2 doses, 89%

Over 18, boosted, 76%


February 1st

First country to remove all pandemic related domestic restrictions

(Virus was no longer considered a critical threat)

Tyra Grove Krause, director of infection preparedness, SSI

Let the new wave run through the population

With omicron, it is impossible to stop the spread of infection, even with severe restrictions

First country to suspend Covid-19 vaccination programme

From May 15th

May resume the programme after the summer

Danish Health Authority

Virus under control

High levels of vaccination

Drop in the number of new infections

Stabilising hospitalisation rates

Bolette Soborg, Chief physician

We plan to reopen the vaccination programme in the autumn.

This will be preceded by a thorough professional assessment of who and when to vaccinate and with which vaccines


Dr Yanzhong Huang, Council on Foreign Relations

They’re not even considering co-existence with the virus as an option right now

Dr Liang Wannian, head of expert panel

huge disaster if China relaxed restrictions

zero-Covid policy insurance for the 1.4 billion people

Background scandals

2018, Changchun Changsheng, violated standards in 250,000 doses of vaccine for diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough

Hong Kong data

Two doses of Sinovac, 72% effective against severe or fatal Covid-19 for over 60s

Three doses, 98%

One month Chinese outbreak, 31,000 to 250,000 deaths.

Professor Steve Tsang, Chatham House

China’s low death demonstrate clear superiority

Zero-Covid is Xi's policy

Xi does not make mistakes and cannot be seen to make mistakes

It cannot be changed unless Xi says otherwise