A Lew's Combo for $10? Cheap Walmart Combo Fishing Challenge!
play A Lew's Combo for $10? Cheap Walmart Combo Fishing Challenge!

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A Lew's Combo for $10? Cheap Walmart Combo Fishing Challenge!

Published by : Realistic Fishing
The challenge is to see how I do on a $10 Lew's Fishing combo I got from Walmart. For 9 dollars + tax I got myself a Lew's Tele-Speed Spinning combo. It says LEW's, but is it really? Watch me fail for the first hour or two before I finally catch a fish on this thing. I was having trouble with the reel, the line, the whole thing. I was hoping for a little more, but for $10 I guess you can't expect much. Seeing the Lew's name on this cheap spinning combo got my hopes up. I got more of a challenge than I expected with this cheap Walmart Combo.

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