Lismore Floods February 2022

Lismore Floods February 2022

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This is my really close friend Wojchiech Bilski and his family - trapped in the Lismore flood of February 28, 2022.

The last record flood was 12.5m in 1880.

In 2017 flood waters reached 8.5m

This time, a huge rain event has moved down the coast into northern NSW from south east Queensland. Massive rainfalls have flooded the river that flows through the main NSW regional city of Lismore.

Overnight… the river has been rising. The Bilski family moved from the ground floor to their first floor and finally to the attic as the river levels rose.

The water has now trapped them. At 8am they are desperate to be saved by State Emergency Services.

The SES are overwhelmed.

The water keeps rising… and at 13.5m the water is about to reach the floor of the attic.

Eventually they are saved

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