Three Times Unto The LORD

Three Times Unto The LORD

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Hello Fourteeners Brothers and Sisters. Welcome back:) Wow, I say it almost ever teaching, but mannnnn is this ever exciting to be continuously growing in understanding of Him in His "is to come". And today's video is no exception.

I begin with sharing work for the Lord being done be a few others here in the ministry. They're powerful and a great blessing to all that are in need of what they offer for the Lord. Here's a link to each of them discussed;

Edwin, Atlanta On Fire;

Keith Bond;

From there I share understanding of the famous Albert Pike letter of three world wars and how the revelation proves out the third!

Followed by a Sister in Christ we've been talking about again a little more lately. A Sister who had and incredibly telling dream we've shared a number of times... but NOW with even greater Clarity! So exciting in the revelation we understand, I would dare say... it Is The dream that will prove out?

And finally another awesome revelation of end time scripture understanding... The Three Feast of The LORD! We've talked a lot lately about "3". It's everything in everything and the root of all. Well, the question was asked... could the LORD's Three Feasts also be connected to Pre, Mid, and Post? And if so how? Today we'll finally understand!!!

The Spirit is drawing us closer and closer in greater detail now more then ever. It's awesome!!!

See you all soon:)

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I pray for us ALL and our families that We have our houses in Order and are ready to go! I truly love you all Brothers and Sisters and pray for you and all your families. I look forward to meeting you and yours, in moments from now:)

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