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Needless to say that hot glue gun is one of the best tools for crafting and we prepared a lot of crafting ideas that you will love:
-The first idea is really cool - you can create beautiful crystals from hot glue sticks. Carve hot glue sticks to give them prism shape. Color crystals using a marker and glue them together to create a druse
-Check out how to make a cute artwork using a hot glue gun. You can choose any print or write something inspiring
-Create eyeglasses using a hot glue gun! Follow our tutorial and draw eyeglasses of the form you like on the parchment paper. Take a hot glue gun to create your new eyeglasses. You can use these eyeglasses for a funny photo session
-Watch our video and learn how to create a cool t-shirt print with scales. Watch the full tutorial
-If you want new earring but don’t want to spend a lot of money, watch our tutorial and make earrings using a hot glue gun
-Do you love Paris? You can make an Eiffel Tower using a hot glue gun! Print a picture of the tower and follow our instructions!
-Replace lost earring back with pieces of hot glue sticks
-Create a helpful cleaner for your makeup brushes with a glue gun and a plastic cutting board
-Turn any hanger into a non-slip hanger with just a little bit of glue instead of buying new hangers
-You will be surprised how easily you can make a cute bathroom mat using yarn, cardboard and a hot glue gun
-Make your own pair of home slippers, just take your real slippers to make a contour. Watch the full tutorial

00:09 Hot glue crystals
02:58 Upgrade your old t-shirt
04:50 Cute earrings
07:05 DIY Roses to decorate your home
10:01 DIY Bathroom mat

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