CRUSH MORE HOME RUNS With These 3 Hitting Tips
play CRUSH MORE HOME RUNS With These 3 Hitting Tips

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CRUSH MORE HOME RUNS With These 3 Hitting Tips

Published by : Ultimate Baseball Training
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In today’s video, Coach Justin from Ultimate Baseball Training shares a few actionable baseball hitting tips that you can take with you to the field to help you hit more home runs. Soon you’ll be crushing the ball harder and further than ever before.

The first tip is to be loose and relaxed. Loose muscles are fast muscles, resulting in more bat speed which will lead to more home runs. When we tense up at the plate and try to crush the ball by squeezing the sawdust out of the bat, our bat speed is actually slower. Have a loose grip, relaxed shoulders, and a relaxed jaw. Make sure you have a little movement and you’re not standing completely still.

The next tip is to develop an aggressive mentality instead of a passive one. A hitter’s mentality is often overlooked, but it is one of the most important aspects to becoming a better hitter. An aggressive mentality of trying to hammer the baseball will put your body into a more powerful position.

The last tip is to achieve quality separation. Allow your body to naturally walk away from your hands. Avoid artificially pushing your hands back when you load. Remember, we want to be like a rubber band stretched to it’s fullest potential ready to explode on the baseball.

Follow these tips to crush more home runs and become a more powerful and productive hitter.



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