Heavy Thunderstorm Sounds | Relaxing Rain, Thunder & Lightning Ambience for Sleep | HD Nature Video
play Heavy Thunderstorm Sounds | Relaxing Rain, Thunder & Lightning Ambience for Sleep | HD Nature Video

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Heavy Thunderstorm Sounds | Relaxing Rain, Thunder & Lightning Ambience for Sleep | HD Nature Video

Published by : Stardust Vibes - Relaxing Sounds
Heavy thunderstorm sounds, relaxing pouring rain & lightning video for sleep. Allow this calming storm sounds nature video to create a soothing ambience for relaxation in your home. This natural cracking thunder and lightning HD rain video will help relax and calm your mind and body so that you can fall into a deep and blissful nights sleep. Sounds of nature are associated with lower stress and anxiety levels which encourages your body to rest, heal, and rejuvenate. We believe that thunder and lightning rainstorms are one of natures most beautiful creations. Let the ambient sounds of this heavy thunderstorm and rain video wash over you and help you fall asleep. This storm video also provides great backgrounds sounds for meditation, study, reiki and day spa's. We really home you enjoy this relaxing thunder and rain sounds HD nature video for sleep and relaxing. If you enjoy rain, thunder and lightning nature sounds then please share with your friends and family!

Stardust Vibes create guided meditations, affirmations, relaxing sounds, and meditation music. ๐Ÿ˜ŠSean, Elita, & Charlotte


We are a mental health based channel, we cannot add commentary throughout our relaxing music/nature videos as it would likely annoy people, but we do have affirmations & guided meditations available. Our channel helps provide relief from stress & anxiety.

๐ŸŽฅ Our videos are currently filmed with a GoPro Hero7 & iPhoneX. We edit, mix, and master the audio in Protools & create the video in Premiere Pro. In the past, we sometimes collaborated with other video creators (with legal permission), which we would significantly transform into something new and add our own unique music and sounds.

๐ŸŽถ We create all our own music with our own instruments. My Mother (Elita) and I are both musicians and have played for many years.

โžก๏ธ For more information on how we create our videos please watch: https://youtu.be/4hK9lwdqBJQ

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