Finland signs security deal with UK as it eyes NATO membership

Finland signs security deal with UK as it eyes NATO membership

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U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson was in Helsinki, Finland on Wednesday where he signed a new security deal with the country's president, Sauli Niinistö.

"So the security declaration, the solemn declaration we've signed today ensures that our two nations can intensify our partnership and take it to unparalleled heights both latitudinal and metaphorical. From the high north to the Baltics and beyond our armed forces will train, operate and exercise together, marrying our defence and security capabilities and formalizing a pledge that we will always come to one and others aid,” Johnson said.

Meanwhile, Niinistö faced questions on Finland’s possible NATO membership.

"For us, joining NATO would be not against anybody. We would like to maximize our security in (one) way or another while thinking about membership in NATO, but it is not a zero-sum game. If Finland increases its security it's not away from anybody else," Niinistö said.

Johnson said he had agreed to new deals with both Finland and Sweden to bolster European security, pledging to support both countries' armed forces should they come under attack.

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