AMAZON STOCK ANALYSIS (AMZN): Why It's Undervalued Now! Large Economic Moat!

AMAZON STOCK ANALYSIS (AMZN): Why It's Undervalued Now! Large Economic Moat!

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In this in-depth Amazon stock analysis video, I will talk about why I believe Amazon (AMZN) stock is undervalued now. You will learn about Amazon's stock split, its two most important businesses (AWS and e-commerce), Amazon's large economic moats and long-term growth prospects, Amazon's risks, and how to calculate Amazon stock's intrinsic value using the sum-of-the-parts valuation model.

0:00 Intro
1:32 Amazon Stock Split: What it means to you
2:39 Amazon Business Overview and Revenue Guidance
7:05 AWS Economic Moat and Long-term Growth Prospects
9:59 Amazon Store's Economic Moat and Long-term Prospects
12:39 Risk #1: Higher Operating Costs, Inflation, and CAPEX
14:15 Risk #2: Antitrust Issues
15:27 Amazon Stock Valuation (intrinsic value)
18:14 Will I Buy Amazon Stock?

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