Peers 'n Pubs presents:  How Covid-19 conspiracies collapse

Peers 'n Pubs presents: How Covid-19 conspiracies collapse

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Researcher Kristina Wright hosts our guests in this exciting event.This episode's guest is Dr. David Robert Grimes, physicist, cancer researcher, and author. His scientific work includes everything from how tumours use oxygen to why conspiracies tend to fail. David is a contributor to the BBC, RTE, The New York Times, The Guardian, The Irish Times, PBS, and additional outlets. He received the 2014 Maddox prize, and is the author of "The Irrational Ape - why we fall for disinformation, conspiracy theory, and propaganda".He is joined by his brother. Stephen Grimes, a self-proclaimed pain in David’s you know what. But also a science teacher, who enjoys acting and music in his spare time.Follow David's work at or on twitter at @drg1985Stay up to date on upcoming webinars, volunteer for, and donate to tos efforts at