Google Nest Wifi Review - 6 Months Later

Google Nest Wifi Review - 6 Months Later

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Long term review of the Google Nest Wifi router system, its main features, system performance, sound quality, Google Assistant integration, downsides, and our recommendations.

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0:00 Intro
0:45 Difference between router vs. ISP vs. modem
1:55 Mesh Wifi Network - what is it?
2:14 Wifi coverage area
2:28 Nest Wifi Point vs. Router
3:04 Nest Wifi point sound test
3:43 Nest Wifi point design
5:10 Router & point specs
6:12 Google Home app controls
8:50 Managing someone else' Nest Wifi network
9:21 Downsides to Nest Wifi system
10:15 Closing thoughts & reccomendations

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