Bloom - Warhammer 40,000 Short
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Bloom - Warhammer 40,000 Short

Published by : Cloud Of Judgement

"A Vindicare should not be mistaken for a human being. Contrary to a human being, who is filled with distractions, memories, and connections to others, a Vindicare is a well oiled machine. He was raised and trained, from birth, that the only reason he wasn't dead, raped, ruined, or suffered under any other horrible abuse that we could think of, was because of the Emperor. They were taught that they were selfish monsters, to even think of being different from their fellows. Their vocabulary is limited to only that which they need. Any deviation is punished by torture. They were taught to hide from their teachers and administrators, and to only come out when the mission was complete, and only when they received word from an authority figure that acted the impeccable imperial. Any deviation was punished with torture. The sense of smell is cultivated carefully. We have attempted to teach them to tell the difference of weapons by discharge smell. Any exposure to perfume, or anything pleasant and unneeded in their missions is punished by torture. Callidus require some socialization to blend in. Culexus, with their small pool of recruits have need to take in any they can find. Eversor, their combat drugs do the trick. Never shall you find any more well disciplined than a Vindicare."

- "So what happened to this one?"

- "We failed to punish him for a botched mission."


Based on an (in)famous /tg/ story. Ultra heretical. Don't say you weren't warned.

This was originally meant for Valentine's Day, but it eventually grew into a much, much bigger film. Took 4 months to do in total.


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Many thanks to the people who did the voices, without them this wouldn't have been possible.

Tim Pedersen's channel:


This film is unofficial and I am in no way affiliated with Games Workshop Limited.

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