Our Deep Blue Future - a National Science Week 2020 event

Our Deep Blue Future - a National Science Week 2020 event

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Australian waters boast wondrous and abundant marine life, with stories from the depths of our oceans and seas being shared around the world. South Australia is an important part of this marine environment, with 85 – 90 % of all marine animals and plants found only here. The Southern Ocean of our coast provides sanctuary for the Weedy Sea Dragon, Little Penguins, Southern Right Whales and Giant Cuttlefish and thousands more species.

For an environment so unique and special, it comes up against many threats and uncertainties, including habitat loss, overfishing, pollution and resource exploration. So what can we do? This panel will bring together a generation of young scientists and students, who are looking at these challenges with fresh eyes and see hope.

Facilliator: Dr Zoe Doubleday

Panelists: Elise Tuuri, Anita Nedosyko, Sophie Dolling

This was an online interactive event for Science Week 2020, livestreamed from The Royal Institution of Australia and recorded on August 28, 2020.

Brought to you by the South Australian National Science Week organising committee and Inspiring South Australia.