LA Morning Part-II: LA TJS RADIO (VJ Sam 2020-12-16)

LA Morning Part-II: LA TJS RADIO (VJ Sam 2020-12-16)

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LA Morning Part-II: LA TJS RADIO on December 16, 2020

Thank you for listening to today's Broadcast!
For those who missed the earlier broadcast of 8am December 16 LA Morning Show Part1 & Part2, you can watch it again on YouTube Link below.

★【LA Morning Part-II】★
Every Wednesday at 9:10 am.
毎週水曜日 午前9時10分から〜
We just installed TJS Radio Studio LIVE CAM servicing from September 22.

TJS RadioのWebサイトに新たなコンテンツが登場!TJS Radioから見えるOld Torranceの景色を24時間配信するLive Camera!暇つぶしに如何ですか??

00:00 Intro
03:10 ***Weather Report***
LA County Sunny
Orange County Sunny

Current Temperature 9:10am
LA Country 58°F/14°C
Orange County 55°F/13°C

High Temperature
LA County 73°F/23°C
Orange County 70°F/21°C
Sunrise Time
LA Country 6:51am
Orange County 6:49am
Sunset Time
LA Country 4:46pm
Orange County 4:44pm

04:30 Program Preview for our Guest - Stephanie Yanez ( ステファニー・ヤネス )

05:29 Homework from Last week Dec 9th
Why do bees have sticky hair?
Because they use honeycombs.

06:20 ***TJS Headline News****
- News 1
- News 2
- News 3

12:20 ***What Happen on Today December 16th****
1. 1890 (Meiji 23), In Tokyo Japan the telephone became available to General Public
14:34 2. 1875 in JP: Paper Anniversary

16:00 ***- Birthdays on December 16th -***
1. Benjamin Bratt TV Actor 1963 (57 year)
2. Ludwig van Beethoven German Composer (5th Symphony, Ode to Joy) 1770 P56
3. Shinji Yamashita Japanese Actor 1951 (69 Year)
4. Maria Anzai Japanese Idol 1953 (67 Year)
5. Mirei Kiritani Actress, model, and news anchor, Andō Lloyd 1989 (31 Year)

25:49 ***Guest Appearance****
Stephanie Yanez (ステファニー・ヤネス)

35:23 New Song - Tokimeki City
41:34 ***Sports News***
- Sports 1
- Sports 2
- Sports 3

47:18 Homework from Last week Dec 9th
Why do bees have sticky hair?
Because they use honeycombs.
For Next Week!
What do lawyers wear to work?

51:18 *****『教えて!サムさ〜ん!!!& JOKE』******
  1. Kumaさん、加齢臭 -Aging Odor
2. Hat I am wearing is called Beret or Flat Hat
3. Sweet Digs LA for December 26th

More questions for next week
American Joke

55:02 ****ENDING****** Twenty First Broadcast

57:45 See YA!
58:45 Outro

***** おまけです! ****
59:00 Walking in the front of the TJS Studio CAM
59:23 ドローンがPanning out into the sky!

DJI Mini 2

Thanks for Watching! See YA!

Guest Appearance for Dec. 23th is Stephanie Yanez

See you next week!

Stephanie Yanez (ステファニー・ヤネス)

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