Confronting a Scammer At His LUXURY APARTMENT

Confronting a Scammer At His LUXURY APARTMENT

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We’ve tracked down a scammer, at his luxury apartment, and we’re about to confront him, face to face. We’ve teamed up with Scammer Payback from YouTube to investigate and confront the thieves, mules and masterminds behind the vicious and despicable scams infesting our phones, and our wallets. We’re chasing down a refund scammer here in Southern California for our most risky and intense venture in the history of our channel. This is Trilogy Media, and you’re watching SCAMMED!


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The Refund scam. A web of deception starting with a call center, claiming to owe you money for your expired computer security services. They remote connect to your computer to process your fake refund, and then manipulate your online banking to make the victim THINK they’ve been refunded - but “accidentally“ at a much higher amount, in this case, $10,000. They then play on the emotions of the victim, saying they’ll lose their job unless they send them that money BACK. This scammer wants the payment, in cash, mailed to his apartment, 20 miles south of downtown Los Angeles, California.

Thanks to our friend Pierogi @Scammer Payback, this scammer thinks he’s in for a payday from our fake victim named Mary Swanson. Pierogi has baited this scammer all the way to finish line, and was instructed to mail a package with $10,000 to a luxury apartment in Los Angeles California. Pierogi did mail a package, but there’s no cash inside. We have the recipient’s real name, address, apartment number, and even the name of his LLC that’s been created to launder this scam money overseas. Everything is set to go - only step remaining is to see who is there to receive this package, to see who is living a lavish lifestyle at the expense of our victims. Watch to the end to witness Trilogy Media’s biggest challenge yet. How are we going to get into the property? How will we get passed security? How will we infiltrate this fortress to expose this scammer to the entire world? Watch to the end of this video to find out.

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Who is this recipient of stolen money? What will they have to say for themselves? And how are they going to feel when Trilogy Media shows up and makes their web of lies crumble beneath them? Find out right now, in an intense and dangerous new episode of SCAMMED.

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*Videos are for entertainment purposes only. Trilogy Media does not condone, support, or encourage any communication with or solicitation of scammers*