Global National: May 16, 2022 | Loved ones share the stories of Buffalo supermarket shooting victims

Global National: May 16, 2022 | Loved ones share the stories of Buffalo supermarket shooting victims

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From a father buying a surprise birthday cake for his young son, to a grandmother who leaves behind a husband in long-term care, 10 people were killed in the mass shooting at the Tops Friendly Market in Buffalo, N.Y. Jackson Proskow has their stories, and hears from their heartbroken loved ones.

As the grief continues over the hate-fuelled attack, residents also fear nothing will ever be the same in their city. Seán O'Shea explains how locals have been scarred, and their growing anxiety over racism and violence.

It may be an American tragedy, but the mass shooting is also highlighting Canada's own problems with domestic terrorism. Abigail Bimman explains the state of hate in this country, how CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) is trying to track domestic extremism, and the growing calls for Ottawa to do more.

Investigators of the shooting are now also looking into the "white replacement theory," also known as the "great replacement theory." It's the racist notion white Americans are being replaced with immigrants and people of colour. Eric Sorensen explains how this hateful conspiracy has moved into the mainstream and its connection to Saturday's shooting.

The 10 innocent people killed also included Aaron Salter Jr. - the 55-year-old security guard being hailed a hero for confronting the gunman. Mike Drolet has more on Salter's career as a police officer, his love for science, and the efforts underway to give him a formal police funeral.

Also, in Europe, Ukraine says its forces are making progress in repelling Russian forces, claiming it has won back the territory north of Kharkiv. As Redmond Shannon reports, the Kremlin's attention is also being diverted westward, as Finland and Sweden solidify plans to join NATO.

Plus, as more Ukrainian refugees struggle to enter Canada, it's magnifying broader and long-running problems with the visa processing system. David Akin explains the challenges, the concerns over the work being outsourced, and how the federal government defends the decision.

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