The Football (Soccer) Iceberg EXPLAINED!

The Football (Soccer) Iceberg EXPLAINED!

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What do Freddy Adu, Frank Lampard's 2010 World Cup Goal and Qatar 2022 have in common? Nothing. But theyre on this fancy Iceberg I have made!

If you don't know what an Iceberg is, I suggest watching channels such as Wendigoon, the crux is that it is a tier list, ranking weird and wonderful things, getting weirder the further you dive down!

I mention, during the video, some very dark and upsetting subjects, therefore viewer discretion is advised!

Timestamps for the tiers!

Tier 1 - 1:56
Tier 2 - 6:37
Tier 3 - 14:11
Tier 4 - 24:00
Tier 5 - 33:55

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