Everything left behind! - Incredible ABANDONED Victorian mansion in Belgium

Everything left behind! - Incredible ABANDONED Victorian mansion in Belgium

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Life is not permanent, so always live in the now.
Today I'm emphasizing this statement with a visual example. I visit one of the most magnificent abandoned mansions I have ever seen in Belgium, dating back to the Victorian era.
This was once the family home of Mrs. Cornelia and her husband, that had a lucrative family business in beekeeping and thereby generated a lot of wealth in their time.
The years may have left their mark on the house but the main entrance hall with its cherished ornate ceilings and unique walls feels frozen in time. Dining chairs are poised around an elegant dining table as though waiting for the home's residents to ever return.
And mementos from those who once lived within these walls still linger on surfaces and on cupboards.

After being married to her husband for many years, she gave birth to a child at a later age, called Monica.
At a certain point in her life, she lost her husband but luckily still had her lovely daughter Monica taking care of her. As she grew older, she started coping increasingly with her health. Few years thereafter, she was taken to a nursing home where she drew her last breath at the age of 87 years old.

Get carried away on another tour through a graceful desolate place, as I will bring all faded grandeur and precious memories of Mrs. Cornelia and her family back to life.

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Abandoned Belgium: Everything left behind! - Incredible ABANDONED Victorian mansion in Belgium
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