LG G5 Real Camera Review: Dual Camera Fun | Pocketnow

LG G5 Real Camera Review: Dual Camera Fun | Pocketnow

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Many companies have tried producing phones with dual cameras. Instead of depth information or color accuracy, LG's approach is to offer two completely different cameras and separate shooting modes. One camera has a standard field of view, the other is an extreme wide angle shooter. Does these different cameras offer advantages over a single sensor solution, or is this just another imaging gimmick? Here's our full in-depth camera review!

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Specs 0:54
Exposure & Saturation 1:52
Dynamic Range 2:55
Still File Sizes 3:06
Stills Quality 3:19
Zoom 4:21
Lens Distortion 4:53
Macro & Bokeh 5:24
Focusing System 5:36
White Balance 6:00
HDR 6:13
Panorama 6:31
Selfies 6:55
LED Flash 7:19
Low Light Stills 7:30
Long Exposures 8:47
Video 9:06
Slow Motion 10:20
OIS 10:54
Audio 11:30
Exposure Transitions 12:01
Low Light Video 12:31
Wide Angle Camera 12:49
Fun Stuff 14:27
Conclusion 15:00

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LG G5 Real Camera Review: Dual Camera Fun | Pocketnow