Budweiser | Mainstream May - A Beer with Atlas 142 - a travel nursing podcast

Budweiser | Mainstream May - A Beer with Atlas 142 - a travel nursing podcast

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You read it right. Today, we're drinking Budweiser, the "King of Beers!"

"But Brian? Rich? Dolan? I thought this was a craft beer podcast for travel nurses. Budweiser isn't craft."

Oh, we know. Welcome to the month of May or as we like to call it... "Mainstream May." For the rest of May we will be drinking the most mainstream beers you can think of.

Hang on! Because this one is "HEAVY" ... Get it? Cuz it's Bud heavy? 😂😂😂

Find more episodes of "A Beer With Atlas" on our website. It's the only podcast dedicated to travel nurses and the travel nurse industry where we highlight regional craft beers from around the country in the areas you work in. All allied health, healthcare workers, and just general craft beer fans are welcome. We'll help you find the perfect drink!

Whenever our travel nurses, techs, and therapists visit new areas of the country, they find great local craft beers that we highlight.

Find episodes of "A Beer With Atlas" right here:
👉 https://atlasmedstaff.com/beerwithatlas

Ready to find out more? Want to get started? Check out the Atlas MedStaff website, or reach out to us directly. We're always here for you.

Atlas MedStaff website for travel nurses and healthcare pros:
🌐 https://atlasmedstaff.com

Ready to start your adventure? Find an Atlas MedStaff travel nurse recruiter or travel allied healthcare recruiter:
🔍 https://atlasmedstaff.com/atlas-team/

If you have questions about how to be a travel nurse, or want to know how to become a travel nurse or traveling healthcare professional, we can help.

And if you just want to know what the best beer in each city and state is for a travel nurse or healthcare pro traveling the country, we got you covered there, too.

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