Are We Really Alone In The Universe? | Answers With Joe

Are We Really Alone In The Universe? | Answers With Joe

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The Rare Earth Hypothesis is the idea that the conditions that created life on Earth are so specific to this planet that it can't happen anywhere else in the universe. Here's some of the evidence to back this up.

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The Rare Earth Hypothesis something of a solution to the Fermi Paradox that points to several characteristics of Earth that may be required to keep life stable long enough to become intelligent, and these several traits may be incredibly unique in the universe, making intelligent life in the universe incredibly rare.

Some of these factors include:

Special place in the Milky Way
It turns out our position in the Milky way might be beneficial as the low star density prevents other stars from messing up our orbits.

The right type of star.
Our sun is a G2 main sequence star that remains stable for a very long time.

Rocky planet in the Goldilocks zone
Earth is just the right distance from the sun to form liquid water.

Magnetic Shield
We're the only rocky planet with a magnetic shield protecting us from solar radiation.

Jupiter and the outer gas giants protect us from asteroid and comet impacts, and this might be rare in the universe.

Tectonic activity
We're the only planet with tectonic plates constantly rebuilding the crust.


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