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Published by : 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY
Breakfast ideas and hacks

When it comes to cooking a lot of things can go wrong from cooking eggs to making a simple cup of coffee to finding ideas for your next meal or even how to understand how many minutes a boiled egg requires. Whether you like cooking or not, you will love this video we have for you. We demonstrate simple hacks and ideas to make coffee and a tone of egg tips and tricks to help you turn that simple ingredient into a masterpiece.

In the first video, we show you a tasty alternative to drinking coffee, and that is coffee ice lollies. They are tasty delicious and refreshing on a hot summer's day. In a jar, you add one cup of filtered coffee, half a cup of cream and then your favorite coffee syrup. That can be caramel, vanilla, toffee or gingerbread. You close the jar/bottle and shape well. Then you pour the mixture in your silicone ice lolly tray and place the ice cream sticks inside, you then, put it in the freezer and a few hours later. Voila!

Are you looking for a way to impress your friends with your latte art skills? Then we have the simplest trick in this video on how to make your own cappuccino and latte stencils to decorate your coffee with some coffee dust. In addition to these, we show you an awesome way to make delicious coffee candy using coffee, gelatin, and condensed milk. This one is ideal to have around the office to treat your colleagues when they feel tired.

If you are looking for a strong energy boost because you didn't get enough sleep the night before, try our super strong energy boosting drink that contains black filtered coffee and ice cold coke. Don't forget to try our iced latte recipe that is completely different from what you have in mind.

We know how delicious and nutritious eggs are, but did you know that they are amazing energy boosters that contain a lot of healthy protein? Well, in this video we show you amazing healthy egg hacks that you can try right away and you can start adding eggs to your breakfast, lunch or even dinner.

If you are trying to understand how fresh an egg is without breaking it, try this little hack. Place the egg in a glass filled with water. If it floats on top, this means it's fresh, if it sinks, that means it's not fresh.

You can cook the perfect fried egg using this method. In a frying pan add some unsalted butter and let it melt. Then break your fresh egg in the pan and season with salt and pepper. Then add a cup of water in the frying pan and cover it with the lid for a few minutes. The moisture from water will help to cook the egg evenly.

Don't forget to try our awesome eggshell hacks and our recipe on how to make scrambled eggs.
0:07 - Coffee ice lollies
2:10 - How to make an iced latte
3:06 - Galaxy eggs
4:06 - Eggshell hack
4:30 - Toastie hack
5:06 - DIY stock cubes
7:34 - How to make scrambled eggs

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