#SGGQA 167: Hello Pixel 4a, Goodbye Note, and Apple is NOT for Gaming

#SGGQA 167: Hello Pixel 4a, Goodbye Note, and Apple is NOT for Gaming

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YOU could be eligible for a cash settlement from Google Plus! Trump’s saga against social media continues. EU commission might block Google’s acquisition of Fitbit. Microsoft reorgs to focus on the future of Windows. More Surface Duo leaks surface. Apple and Microsoft feud over mobile gaming. The Note 20 is ridiculously expensive. And we have to spends some time chatting about how charming the pixel 4a is! Let’s get our tech week started right!

Show notes and links https://somegadgetguy.com/2020/08/10/sggqa-167-hello-pixel-4a-goodbye-note-and-apple-is-not-for-gaming/

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