Midnight Thriller - Supermodel | Multi-language subtitles | K-Drama | by Park Seon-jae-I

Midnight Thriller - Supermodel | Multi-language subtitles | K-Drama | by Park Seon-jae-I

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The story of Ji-eun, a supermodel who instantly becomes a murder suspect. She receives a phone call and left the living room, and coming back to a brutally dead boyfriend. Ji-eun was trapped after following a mysterious voice and abandoning the dead body in a bunker somewhere in the forest. MIDNIGHT THRILLER (미드나잇 스릴러) 2021 | SUPERMODEL | Multi-language subtitles | by Lim Kyeong-taek

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Early in the morning, an unexpected call disturbs popular supermodel Jieun. First, she dismisses the call, until her gut feeling tells her to follow the caller’s instructions to the living room. There, she finds the body of her boyfriend – viciously murdered. The caller has already framed Jieun as the killer and proposes a one-sided game. Following further instructions, she heads to a secluded forest to dispose of her boyfriend’s body. There, she finds an abandoned bunker. Jieun wants to just drop the body and leave, but finds herself trapped in the bunker.

Lee Jieun
Winner of a supermodel contest. Cold with a mystique demeanor, Jieun is extremely introverted and protective of her private life, even with her friends. She finds herself in trouble after being unwillingly involved in an unexpected incident, but with her strong will to survive, she never gives in.

Kim Sumin
Jieun’s younger supermodel colleague, who is currently active as a model and actress. Due to her bubbly personality, she is always surrounded by people. However, the other side of her nature is quick to turn dark and fearful.

Yoo Juhui
Jieun’s supermodel rival. As the youngest contestant in the supermodel competition, she was the center of attention. Juhui is both feminine and mature, with a strong desire to be successful. was also involved with the horrible incident since the very beginning.

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