Form Design Best Practices: Webinar w/ Vitaly Friedman

Form Design Best Practices: Webinar w/ Vitaly Friedman

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This webinar will teach you how to set up web forms
that your site visitors will love:

- Solving form-related pain points that customers experience
- Finding and implementing the right form solution
- Getting the information you need from the customer

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Web forms don’t have a decent reputation, and rightfully so. Very often they are inaccessible and difficult to use, with awkward live validation and notorious error messages; not to mention painful dropdowns like a country selector, a birthday date-picker starting from 2020, a tiny newsletter checkbox, a disabled copy-paste for email verification, disabled “submit” buttons and horrendously evil CAPTCHAs in the disguise of street signs and crosswalks. Join the live webinar and learn to make the right choices with forms.

Link to Vitaly's mentioned checklists: