12 Props the Stranger Things Actors Stole from Set

12 Props the Stranger Things Actors Stole from Set

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Everyone loves to keep some mementos from sets they’ve worked on, but the ways they get them sometimes aren’t so honorable. The Stranger Things actors had all kinds of cool stuff to swipe from the set - but what did they take - and who was willing to risk it?!
Some actors have been VERY tightlipped about their stealing habits, only letting us know something was swiped, but never specifying anything, just keeping the mystery alive. Noah Schnapp stole a pretty useful prop - and he made them even better by having the cast autograph them. Millie Bobby Brown stole a prop that could also come in useful - but in a very different way. If we’re being honest, it’s a pretty creepy one!
The young actors are paid pretty well, but that didn’t stop them from stealing some weird necessities from the wardrobe department. Millie Bobby Brown took all that a step further when she had a little shopping spree at the Starcourt Mall - on the dime of the production. Sadie Sink swiper her own bit of clothing as well - although she does protest that it was a total accident.
Millie Bobby Brown has also swiped mementos from the sets of Enola Holmes and a tv show she did in her early days. Some items make total sense while others surprise us, but she had a pretty valid reason for each of them.
No matter how big or small, cheap or expensive, nothing was going to stop these actors from getting to keep what they wanted from the set- even if they did have to do it pretty sneakily at times!

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00:00 Intro
00:25 Roller Rink Memories
00:59 A Creepy Souvenir
01:47 Keep Cozy
02:19 Necessities
02:42 The Mall
03:14 Swipe All You Can
03:40 Mystery Item
04:09 Innocent Until Proven Guilty
04:40 Playing With Fire
05:14 Who You Gonna Call?
06:10 A Pal for Life
06:48 Straighten Up
07:29 Outro

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Written by: Thalia GK
Narrated by: Serena L
Edited by: Olena L

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