ICAI Verification Results | RTI Details | Students who cleared after verification

Published by : Neeraj Arora
Secret Info ICAI. How many students cleared there exams in re-verification? Check out the real numbers. We got this information through one of my student.

Links for November 2017 Exams

1. Video Classes - https://goo.gl/250jPg
2. Test Series - https://goo.gl/pg3oOZ
3. SM Fast Track Batches - https://goo.gl/csSFGR
4. Audit Fast Track Batches - https://goo.gl/lu6S2n
5. SM Book - https://goo.gl/LTTPPg
6. Edu 91 - https://goo.gl/cBvm60

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Test Series - [email protected] 9599716104
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