A DARK HISTORY | Abandoned 12th-Century Italian Palace of a Notorious Painter

A DARK HISTORY | Abandoned 12th-Century Italian Palace of a Notorious Painter

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A splendid residence that found its roots in1200, rises above an idyllic Italian village.
This grandiose castle with its medieval tower has seen better days, yet, the property has now lost its dignity due to a scandal in the past.
The only inhabitants at the moment are colonies of birds, which are starting to migrate to their next nesting site.

This palace was initially the home of a noble Italian family that lived here for several centuries, enriching it with numerous works of art and making it a splendid art gallery.
The former castle was transformed into a Renaissance villa by Mr. Camillo, a successor of the count's family, in the second half of the 1500s, preserving its austere and medieval character, accentuated by the tower and the typical castellan shoe-shaped plinth.

The last one who owned the palace was Count Luigi. On his death in the early 1800s, the villa was inherited by other counts, who sold it again at the start of the 1900s to Mr. Angelo.
He kept it in excellent condition until his death in 1950), and from that moment the house fell into a progressive state of decay.

There followed a period of so-called "ballottaggio" between different owners, and in the end. the villa came into the hands of a well-known painter, who named the building in honor of his wife. Thanks to the inspiration of the new owner, the house has undergone a notable recovery and had once again become an art gallery.

They lived a prosperous and prestigious life inside the castle until a tragedy happened in 2014 that changed everything in the blink of an eye.
In November 2014, gardening work and interventions were taking place in the park of the property.
Two of the works of the family, architect Grazioli and former bricklayer Giambattista, were given instructions for interventions to fell the tall trees because of a risk of falling, without having received any authorizations by the owners to do so. Suddenly the plant to be felled had given way and had hit on both heads of the workers. The two suffered from fatal injuries to the skull, and were crushed on the 20th of November, 2014, under the tree they were trying to uproot.

Turning the building's beautiful history into an ever-lasting grim and sinister tale.

Due to "imprudence, incompetence and negligence", the painter and his wife were both charged for manslaughter. It was from then, that the historic building ultimately lost its fate and has since slowly sunk into the elements.

Ignorant of this story before my exploration, I am going to take a look here today and take you inside a castle where the masterpieces of this Italian painter can still be admired.

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Abandoned Italy Season 3: A DARK HISTORY | Abandoned 12th-Century Italian Palace of a Notorious Painter
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