Updates from the Buffalo grocery store mass shooting, plus more top headlines

Updates from the Buffalo grocery store mass shooting, plus more top headlines

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We have the latest from Buffalo, New York, where a man killed 10 people and wounded a few others in a mass shooting at a Tops grocery store. We have the latest on the mass shooting here: https://www.wkyc.com/article/news/crime/groups-fighting-hate-racism-northeast-ohio-share-reactions-buffalo-shootings/95-0a64bf61-37ec-4ca4-8041-bf86ffa1f76d

That's one of our top stories in today's 3News Now morning update, which also features the following headlines:

- 3News' Hollie Strano is here with an updated look at this week's weather forecast, which includes sunshine today and rain tomorrow: https://www.wkyc.com/article/weather/forecast/northeast-ohio-weather-forecast/95-99643b63-4b79-4d67-8d5f-7f54d07d30f0

- Baby formula shortage: How some parents are turning to a different option -- relactation -- when it comes to feeding their child: https://www.wkyc.com/article/news/health/relactation-possible-alternative-amid-baby-formula-shortage/95-57a612f3-c5a6-48ca-8938-6398e63b6d76

- End of an era: We say goodbye to Lolly the Trolley as the iconic Cleveland attraction closes up shop and the trolleys move to their new home in Florida: https://www.wkyc.com/article/news/local/cleveland/end-of-an-era-lolly-the-trolley-closing-cleveland-after-37-years/95-f1202cba-8fa6-4a8c-a93c-d7b27dd1e7d6

All that and more in today's 3News Now morning update with Carmen Blackwell.