I Took a Picture of MARS Through my Telescope

I Took a Picture of MARS Through my Telescope

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Taking a Picture of MARS Through my Telescope.

Telescope Used: https://bit.ly/2Bx23rQ
Camera Used: https://bit.ly/3eywFY6

I connect a camera to my Celestron Edge HD 11 telescope to take a close-up picture of the planet Mars from my backyard.

Mars Opposition takes place on October 13, 2020. The red planet will make its closest approach to Earth, appearing 22.4 arcsec. in diameter!

The final image is a stack of the best 1000 frames (through each RGB filter) of 15000 taken with the ZWO ASI290mm Mini. There are certainly better pictures of Mars online, but this is my best image of Mars to date!

Thank you for watching, and clear skies!

Perserverance = Perseverance :)

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