"War Crime" Is Redundant, Episode 1327

"War Crime" Is Redundant, Episode 1327

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Joe Biden said today Vladimir Putin should be tried as a war criminal. Is Russia guilty of war crimes in Ukraine? What are the war crimes America is guilty of? On today's show we explore the term "war crime" and why exactly America refuses to be a signatory to the International Criminal Court. Why is Biden refusing to offer Putin a graceful exit out of Ukraine? Did Biden trick Putin into invading Ukraine the same way Jimmy Carter claims to have tricked the Soviet Union into invading Afghanistan?

Topics: Louis C.K wins a Grammy; Bucha atrocities ; War Crimes; Gary Webb ; Freeway Rick Ross ; How the CIA dealt crack to fund the Contras; Timber Sycamore

#Bucha #RussianWarCrimes #ICC #GaryWebb #FreewayRickRoss #DarkAlliance #TimberSycamore

Guests With Time Codes
Chapters: 00:00

5:35 David Does the News: Putin's war crimes in Ukraine; American atrocities during its War on Terror; My Lai ; Contragate ; How "Freeway" Rick Ross got cocaine from The Contras; Gary Webb's book "Dark Alliance" ; America invades other countries all the time

1:14:00 "I'm Traveling Light" written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel

1:18:00 President Donald Trump

1:22:00 Stump the Hump! with Quizmaster Dan F
Jason Myles (co-host of "This is Revolution" podcast) and Comedy Writer Jon Ross talk Ukraine, comedy and Will Smith

2:01:00 Howie Klein (founder and treasurer of The Blue America PAC and author of Down With Tyranny)

2:31:00 President Donald Trump

2:32:00 "Ain't No Chairs" written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel

2:34:00 Mark Breslin (founder and president of Yuk Yuk's, largest comedy chain in North America)

2:53:00 Dr. Harriet Fraad (host of "Capitalism Hits Home")

3:37:00 Professor Adnan Husain ("Guerrilla History" and "The Majlis" podcasts)

4:13:00 "Pig For Love" written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel

4:16:00 Peter B. Collins (Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame)

4:58:00 Dr. Jack Rasmus (Professor of Economics and host of "Alternative Visions" podcast) talks with Professor Jonathan Bick

5:32:00 Professor Mary Anne Cummings (physicist and parks commissioner Aurora, Illinois)

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