Dubai-Manila Cebu Pacific Flight ✈️

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Hi everyone let me bring you to my trip at Cebu Pacific Flight ✈️ i was so disappointed when i found out that the company bought this airline ticket i heard a lot of rumors about the service no tv , blanket and even water you have to purchase during the flight and so on , so i am kinda disappointed in the beginning until the day of my flight i almost try to cancel the plane ticket. April 1st my flight 11:25 Pm . Plane is bigger than I expected crew was very nice during the flight eI bought my food before i take off to the plane you have option when you fly with Cebu Pacific either you pay with meal included or not but if you will ask my opinion you better buy a meal outside the food that they served was very little even for kids would not be enough for almost 10 hours flight from Dubai to Manila you can buy a drink as well or inside the plane cost 40 Pesos not bad at all since water in dubai cost 3 to 4 AED. No TV i think much better so you can sleep well and will not be disturbed by your seat mate during the flight when there is TV on flying without TV is like sleeping in the bedroom you can download on your gadgets if you really wanted like i do . Bring a small blanket if you think cold inside since no blanket provided. Bring some snacks you can bring anything you like as long as it includes to your hand carry .
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