Recycled By Google - Passkeys, Pixel 6a at the FCC, Pixel Watch getting real, hyperlocal weather

Recycled By Google - Passkeys, Pixel 6a at the FCC, Pixel Watch getting real, hyperlocal weather

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• Android 13 is getting location privacy indicator (similar to the Camera and Mic ones we saw in Android 12)
• Nearby Share is going to get a "self-share" mode to share files quickly with other devices logged into the same Google account
• Android 13 might get a combined setting page called "Security & Privacy", Mishaal could see it, says it isn't functional quite yet
• Google Pay will remain the branding for contactless payments, but digital cards may be branded as... wait for it... Wallet.
• Android readying support for password-replacing ‘passkeys’ that sync to your Google Account
• The Pixel 6a lands at the FCC with four different models
• Pixel 6a Appears On Geekbench, Side-By-Side With The Pixel 6
• This Is Rohan, Google’s Pixel Watch
• Google Store redesign lays the groundwork for Pixel Watch addition, simplifies navigation
• Meta’s AR glasses roadmap: Targeting 2024 launch, abandoned Fuchsia-based OS, cheaper model
• Android apps on Windows 11 review: Not like this
• AccuWeather brings back Dark Sky’s hyperlocal weather alerts, puts a temperature icon in paywall
• Google quietly launches its awaited ‘Switch to Android’ app on iOS
• How do I protect my purchases on my G Suite Legacy account?
• The pricing for T-Mobile's Google One plan is strange.
• USB-C ports collect a LOT of pocket lint!

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