"The 17 Year Process" | A Buffalo Bills Tribute/Hype Video

"The 17 Year Process" | A Buffalo Bills Tribute/Hype Video

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“The 17 Year Process” | A Buffalo Bills Tribute/Hype Video .A history of a team that went from the bottom of the barrel to the top of the mountain where they are today. From "Wide Right" to now the "Hail Murray" the buffalo bills always seem to be on the lame end of the stick. But ever since "The Process" was introduced to this fan base it has been all uphill since.

The Buffalo FAMbase was created by Del Reid and others who originated the movement known as #billsmafia . With the mission of bringing all Buffalo Bills together in unity and supports causes alongside the team. Whether it's starting drives or creating awesome T-Shirts, the FAMbase and 26Shirts are some of the biggest drivers of improving the communities in and around Buffalo.

We have branched out the FAMbase even further, with entry into the content creation space. Our team will help reach new areas of #Bills fans that want high quality content and to build a sense of community. You can look for FAMbase to be your one stop for all things Buffalo Bills fan related. Interviews with players and in-depth conversations around the team with some of the most knowledgeable creators in BillsMafia.

Join The FAMbase today! The OFFICIAL YouTube Channel of the OG BillsMafia.

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