How a Poor Japanese Boy Created Honda

How a Poor Japanese Boy Created Honda

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CORRECTION: 11:05 Japan *Started* the Pacific War. Sorry for letting that slipped by :I

In 1922, a 15-year-old boy shows up for his first day at work at a small auto-repair shop in Tokyo Japan. The owner, who questioned if the boy was even meant for this type of business, assigned him to clean the workshop and look after his child instead. At the time, nobody thought much of him, neither they cared, but only because they had no idea who this kid would eventually become.

Fast forwards a few decades, and that boy, Soichiro Honda, was now competing with some of the biggest car brands in the world, while also owning the largest motorbike manufacturer.

This is the story of how one poor Japanese boy, went from babysitting children… to building a multibillion-dollar brand, Honda Motors.

00:00 - 00:50 Prologue
00:51 - 03:20 Raised in Poverty
03:21 - 05:57 Art Shokai
05:58 - 08:55 On His Own
08:56 - 12:35 Trial and Error
12:36 - 14:21 The Idea that Shaped Everything
14:22 - 17:33 The Honda Motor Company
17:34 - 21:45 Chasing his Childhood’s Dreams

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