Exploring World's Largest Abandoned Theme Park - Wonderland Eurasia

Exploring World's Largest Abandoned Theme Park - Wonderland Eurasia

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In today's episode, we're exploring Wonderland Eurasia, also known as Ankapark.
Opened in March 2019, the park has 17 rollercoasters, the second-most worldwide. However, the extent of the problems affecting the park became apparent very quickly. Two days after the park opened, a train got stuck on top of a roller coaster, and the passengers were forced to leave the merry-go-round on foot.
Eventually, less than a year after its opening, in February 2020, the park could not pay its 180 thousand dollars accumulated electricity debt. The electricity of the park was cut off, leaving the park closed for good.
The failure is total. 750 million dollars to realize this extravagant mega-project are thrown in the trash.

Wonderland Eurasia has now lowered the curtain, leaving rusting expensive statues and rides and a strong sense of bitterness in place. What was supposed to become a symbol of pride for Turkey, has become a symbol of the mismanagement and hubris of some officials of the presidential party.

Today, we venture our way inside Wonderland and give you an exclusive peek of this gigantic deserted amusement park.

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Abandoned Turkey: Exploring World's Largest Abandoned Theme Park - Wonderland Eurasia
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