INSTAGRAM VS REALITY || Are you living an insta lie? || Relatable by 5-Minute FUN

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What do you choose: Instagram lie or reality?
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Do you feel sometimes that you are not really that person from your Instagram? Don't worry we all have done that once or twice:

0:11 Morning make up for Instagram
0:33 Breakfast for photo in Instagram
1:01 Ugly make up looks good on photo
1:20 Life hack for sporty photos
1:49 Going for a walk with Instagram addicted
2:11 Lack of attention on the road
2:18 Using clothes only for Instagram picture
2:35 Photo in boyfriends T-short
3:16 Faking summer pictures
3:30 Posting food photos
3:44 Taking too long to make photos in the toilet

Which situation do you find the funniest? What stupid things people do except of those to look good on the Instagram?

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