WFAN Mike Francesa on Mets/Beltrán situation, Luke Kuechly retires, & Pro Football HOF 1/15/20

Published by : Nicholas Ramos
Here's Mike Francesa with his Wednesday WFAN/ half-hour show with his thoughts on the situation involving the Mets & Manager Carlos Beltrán, as the pressure's mounting on Met management as they decide whether to keep him or part ways in the midst of him being implicated as a player in MLB's report on the Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal from back in 2017. Mike feels the opposite of what some in the media think as he feels that Beltrán shouldn't be fired. He also touches on a surprising retirement in the NFL on Tuesday as Carolina Panthers Linebacker Luke Kuechly retires at age 28 & former NFL Commisioner Paul Tagliabue gets into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
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